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Here I'll describe the technology used to perform the analyses on this site, lest readers think this required access to high-power computing capability and corresponding budget. In principle, any technically-savvy person could duplicate and validate these analyses.

Most of the calculations ran in minutes on an Apple Macintosh PowerBook G3/333 (Lombard) and newer machines under Mac OS X version 10.2 and later (Apple Computer). These were my personal machines purchased for home use, off-the-shelf. Beyond off-the-shelf memory and graphics upgrades, there is nothing unusual about their configuration.

Most of the computer programs for generating the models and tables were written using versions of Python, an open-source, object-oriented programming language freely available on a number of computing platforms. A variety of Python extension modules were used for numerical analysis: Numeric/NumPy/SciPy, numarray, GSL and PyGSL. The Python Imaging Library (PIL) was used for some image generation.

The graphs themselves were generated using various versions of GNUplot and more recently, PyX for generating high-quality PostScript plots and graphics. Other supporting graphics were generated using AppleWorks.

This website was developed using Python and the HTMLgen module to thread simple HTML pages with titles and menus. I will probably continue modifying these scripts to enhance this site.

Typesetting for the technical analyses was performed using OzTeX, a shareware Macintosh port of LaTeX and TeX, a typesetting markup language from the American Mathematical Society which is very popular in scientific publishing. Equation typesetting and some mathematical checks were performed using MathEQ and LiveMath Maker. Computer Modern fonts were used to generate higher-quality PDF files from the PostScript.

I'd also like to thank the participants in the OzTeX and MacPython mailing lists who answered many questions from me on keeping my configuration working through all the updates.

PostScript® is a registered trademark and PDF is a trademark of Adobe Systems Inc. Apple® and Macintosh® are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. LiveMath® and MathEQ® are registered trademarks of MathMonkeys, LLC. Python is a trademark of the Python Software Foundation. All other trademarks mentioned on this website are the property of their respective owners.

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