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Redshift "Quantization" Claims

Setterfield also invokes redshift quantization in his theory.

Our galaxy is the centre of the universe, 'quantized' red shifts show by D. Russell Humphreys. Some of the problems with redshift quantization are covered on this site under Anomaly Science.

  • Much of these claims are tied to the work of William Tifft (check ADS for papers).
  • Develop simulation exercise demonstrating how false periodicities can appear in small gaussian-distributed datasets such as those used in the papers by Tifft and others claiming quantization. This is a well-known issue in signal processing.
  • This analysis can most certainly be checked against the SDSS as opposed to the 250 galaxy result Humphreys uses. I suspect there are some periodicty searching algorithms that could test the claimed offset to the center in a large survey like SDSS, possibly even some type of moment analysis.
  • Process Humphreys' model back through the tests to see if it is consistent with the non-quantized models.

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