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My first exposure to young-Earth creationism was in high school as a member of a fundamentalist christian group in south Florida in the early 1970s. While I listened to some of the claims, my scientific understanding was undergoing some heavy growth at the time. I moved back to more moderate religious organizations and largely forgot this first exposure.

I obtained my Masters and Ph.D. in Physics at Clemson University working with the nuclear astrophysics group. My specific fields of study included x-ray processes in supernova remnants and high-time resolution variability of the black-hole candidate, Cygnus X-1.

While at Clemson, I attended a talk given by Robert Gentry about polonium radiohalos. Just days after that talk, I examined a Chart of the Nuclides and immediately recognized the radon connection. This was my first realization of just how flimsy the science was in "Creation Science".

After graduation, I went to work with a contractor performing science support work for the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory (CGRO). I subsequently moved to scientific programming and eventually scientific data visualization.

In the spring of 1998, while serving as president of a local astronomy club, the club was approached (via e-mail) by a local creationist who insisted that the club had to provide a forum for him to present his particular version of young-Earth creationist astronomy. Again, I found myself (re-)discovering just how poor the science was in "Creation Science" and realized that many of the errors and misinformation were accessible to students at a more introductory level, especially when they could be linked to science behind specific technologies. After several rounds of rebuttals, and even some discussions of ways to let him present to the club, the local creationist stopped contacting me, having never met face-to-face. However, my interest in the idea of making debunking of "Creation Science" accessible to more students and to the general public became more of a mission and resulted in the establishment of this web site.

I am a member of the American Astronomical Society, the Society of Physics Students, Sigma Pi Sigma and the American Geophysical Union.

All opinions expressed on this site are my own and do not necessarily represent the views of my employers or clients.

I can be reached at .

W.T. Bridgman, Ph.D.

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