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Electric Cosmos

The Electric Cosmos is a distortion of the more mainstream Plasma Cosmology of Alfven and others. Plasma cosmology enjoyed an upsurge of interest in the late 1980s and early 1990s as a simpler solution to some of the difficulites plaguing cosmology.

Interest dropped after the Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE) mission confirmed the blackbody nature of the cosmic microwave background (CMB) to high precision. COBE failed to detect any radio or microwave emission from the large-scale electric currents required in plasma cosmology.

A more radical version of this cosmology goes under the name of "Electric Cosmos". This "science" seems to be a variant of creationism based around a Greco-Roman mythology but many components are based on some of the claims of Immanuel Velikovsky. There are several sites advocating these claims:

Tim Thompson has also written some material on the problems with the Electric Cosmology claims.

Some of the Electric Universe advocates try to incorporate the redshift quantization (see problems with redshift quantization analyses) and discordant redshift claims as well (see problems with discordant redshift claims).

  • The Electric Sky: Short-Circuited. A Review (DRAFT 2008-Mar-22) of Donald Scott's book, The Electric Sky. I cover many aspects of Scott's claims and his misrepresentation of mainstream science. I also present a few simple mathmatical examples of how some electric cosmos claims imply effects inconsistent with measurements and observations. I have yet to receive any substantive response from the Electric Cosmos advocates on this critique.

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